The Aims & Objectives of ANF, India

  1. That ANF India organizes wild life art talent search competitions in schools around Bandhavgarh & Kanha Tiger reserves with the singular aim of conserving nature and wild life.
  2. To organize and participate in Wildlife or Tiger art exhibitions, drawing & photographic exhibition, nature art exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, seminars, presentations, lectures, walks, and research studies.
  3. That ANF India organize wild life, socio-cultural, and Heritage & Nature trips within Indian subcontinent for its members from across the world with the aim of creating awareness regarding conservation and protection of the same through artistic and other forms of contribution from its members.
  4. Undertake publication of books, art, drawings, photographs, journals, checklists, maps, etc. concerning Tigers, nature & environment conservation & awareness.
  5. To construct and manage Environmental Education Centers or Wildlife safari camps by utilizing all available ecologically viable technologies, so as to put minimum possible pressure on the natural resources of the local area.

Conservation Activities

  1. The trust will Endeavour to promote awareness of Tiger conservation & natural sciences and help conserve wildlife resources through protection, research, education and sustainable use of natural resources. It will make an effort to help protect the ecological balance of India’s natural resources for the present and future generation.
  2. To conserve native and endemic species and their habitats, so as to maintain the overall species richness and ecological integrity.
  3. That we develop programs for environmental education, wildlife conservation by using presentation, slide shows, print & electronic media for Tigers, its habitat and ecosystem conservation. ANF India will organize nature art and educational trips to promote tiger conservation and promote the aims of the trust for further progress.
  4. Protection and conservation of Flora, Fauna, Forest covers and the entire Bio-diversity of the region. Its aim will be to enhance the coexistence of human beings with the natural world.
  5. Tiger habitat conservation: By involving all neighborhood communities and their children, living in and around Tiger Reserves into the eco-development programs, the aim of these projects should be to save the Tiger in India and find a perfect balance of human-animal coexistence.
  6. Promote integrated rural development with a view to conserving nature and natural resources. Recycle all biologically degradable material, produce organic food. It aims to recycle all natural resources & promote all kinds of sustainable development technologies.
  7. To fund and organize nature excursions for school children and teachers.  Sponsor selected students to promote their interests and enhance their understanding of the environment that surrounds them.
  8. To seek & provide affiliations or to form any academic institution around the world.
  9. To conserve wildlife resources, through protection, research, education, sustainable use, and for the present and future generation.

Establishment activities

  1. To engage, employ or hire appropriate staff and workers for the work that will further the aims and objectives of the Trust.
  2. To offer prizes, grants (gifts) scholarships to deserving students.
  3. Get involved in projects related to the Tiger, wildlife & nature conservation.
  4. To promote the aims and objectives of the society through financial or technical support from ANF Netherlands.
  5. To Construct and manage Environmental Education Centers or Wildlife safari camp by utilizing all available ecologically viable technologies, so as to put minimum possible pressure on the natural resources of the local area
  6. To provide solar energy using parabolic and box solar cookers, solar heating for water, to recycle all biodegradable waste generated from the Centre, to provide worm composting and biological fertilizer, herbal, aromatic and medicinal plant nursery of native species, landscaping the main features to encourage wild bird, insect and small animal species. The aim will be to develop an important platform for the conservation of wild life and endangered species
  7. To help conserve wildlife resources by promoting Eco-Tourism, environmental education thereby developing a platform for tiger conservation.
  8. The ANF India organizes the nature artists trip and educational trips for the   tiger conservation and to promote their aims for the progress of the trust.