Annual ANF Survey Report

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News for year 2005 January – February

As tour leaders Manuela Seifert & Ysbrand Brouwers team visited the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India, and our ANF office in Agra which they felt was very well set up and equipped.  Vivek Sharma and his team are coordinating the school project in Bandhavgarh from this office.  India is the first country outside Holland where ANF is officially registered as a foundation.

The ANF team also visited Delhi, Khajurao, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Agra, and Bhartpur. Every participant of this 15 days trip was happy and was appreciating the exceptional quality of guidance and service offered by of Vivek Sharma.

Vivek has submitted his proposal for creation of an Eco-lodge. This is to be established on edge line of Bandhavgarh National Park and should be surrounded by forest from all the sides.  The proposed Lodge should be a unique one in the region from Ecological Point of Views. Apart from being host and taking care of  his paying  guest, Vivek would devote his rest of his time with nearby Local People  &  to teach school children and the villagers  all about  protection of Natural Environment , tiger and it’s habitat.   

ANF The Netherlands has considered the proposal of getting built the Ecolodge with application of the following technologies in the said   Ecolodge.

Cooking and water heating by means of solar energy.

Demonstration and promotion of the use of parabolic box cookers.

Composting by means of worms and organic fertilizers in order to recycle all biodegradable kitchen waste and refuse from the lodge.

The creation of an organic kitchen garden where fresh vegetables and herbs can be grown for immediate use.

Water treatment by means of a helophyte filter

Creation of a garden with medicinal, aromatic, special and useful plants for the local
Inhabitants and guests

The main building will be used for nature educational projects and information about
the benefits of nature education for the local inhabitants, including schoolchildren and their  teachers.

Walls will be decorated with the Art works done by ANF along with the drawings.

The complex will also serve as ANF’s main field Headuarters and is to become the meeting place for ANF artists, who will arrange workshops for paying (foreign) guests and free workshops for the locals.

Last but not least the lodge is to become the meeting and resting place for ANF supporters and real eco tourists who will visit the magnificent park. They will be taken care of by Vivek and his staff and will join his guided tours in the park.

For furtherance of proposal of Ecolodge, a 10 –acre land plot has been officially reserved along the borders of the park during the year 2005.

While being at Bandhavgarh National Park Vivek and the ANF Team also visited various Schools and participated in the School projects along with children.

The ANF team also visited ANF India office Agra and got acquainted with ANF India members.  Ysbrand Brouwers and Dr. Manuela Seifert appreciated the functional set up of the Office.