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Annual Survey Report 2007

An ANF Team comprising of Ysbrand Brouwers and Mr. Hans Rademakers one the prominent wildlife film makers of the Netherlands flew to India   and arrived Delhi on 07 Feb 2007.  The highlights of the visit of Mr. Hans were to make a film on Bandhavgarh wildlife including local people and school children. Mr. Hans would highlight the critical points coming as hindrance in tiger protection programs and activities of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Through this film Mr. Hans  would   before  general public of  various countries in order to  raise funds  for completion of  ANF  Projects  including the Ecolodge of Bandhavgarh Tigers Reserve.

They went around Delhi visit and seen famous monuments of Delhi.  Delhi is a city which really witnessed    ravages of time and had been ruled by many dynasties including the British. The building / Monuments now stand in Delhi represent a look of old rulers and their cultures.

Mr. Hans and Mr. Ysbrand Brouwers traveled to Katni via train in and reached to Bandhavgarh a real land of wild tigers in Central India.  Apart from Park visit Mr. Hans also participated & joined with village children profoundly.

Mr. Hans was quite cheerful and photographed beautiful shots in Bandhavgarh. It was really    highlights of his visit when he   made a film on elephants back of a tiger 
Walking calmly on the jeep passage.  Both participants traveled to Kanha National Park via road. They have collected worth full shots of wildlife in Kanha National park. 

While returning to Delhi they also visited ANF India Office Agra.