Annual ANF Survey Report

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Annual Survey Report 2008 (FIRST BATCH OF 2008)

It was really an auspicious occasion for ANF India to receive an ANF GROUP of 7 participants headed by Ysbrand Brouwers.  In fact one of the participants of this team was the founder of ANF Holland.  This tourist’s jaunt reached Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and surveyed the ANF Activities and their effects on natural environment.  They were actually monitoring the changes taking place and were studying the reasons for changes in the environment which is needed for a healthy tiger. They know the secret fact that a tiger needs biologically fertile environment which absolutely imperative for Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to save this predator from extinction.  The health of a tiger is the hope of our good environment.   They have taken sufficient photographs in and around Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve including those of village children and villagers.  The participants appreciated the involvement of ANF India team into the conservation activities and the projects.  

The team was also having keen interest in watching the Indian heritage monuments and buildings.  While passing from Agra the team visited Tah Mahal and also visited the
ANF India Office. A dinner party was hosted to the team on behalf of ANF India office.
Every participant appreciated the arrangements and the services offered by ANF India.