Bandhavgarh School Projects

Bandhavgarh School Project

Setting a Tiger Reserves on the lands which was used for livelihood of the villagers had a bad impact on local people. Therefore, ANF India has analyzed that nature protection starts with good and honest information, instructions and co-operation with the locals. ANF has experienced that its program shows encouraging results and that gradually a change of mentality has been acquired among the local community. However, it was an urgent need to motivate the new generation especially the school children. Daily the children see the tourists enter the park in jeeps, however being the locals, they themselves have no idea what the park looks like other than from stories that they may have heard of.
To give a live example, children were helped in park excursions at a reduced price. ANF was able to meet expenses out of the fund contribution collected in Tiger exhibitions held in Germany and arranged gifts from different friends of ANF.

School Project Report 2001-2003
School Project Report 2004-2005