Ecolodge ANF Bandhavgarh

Eco Lodge - Environmental Education Centre

This is only because of major financial support by Ysbrand Brouwers, Founder and Director ANF-NL that our project of Environmental Education Centre /Eco-lodge ,Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh India, has been completed The EEC/Eco-lodge will also serve for it’s very specific purpose in performing various ANF activities within the premises or outer. One of which is an 'open sky’ Environmental Education Centre. This centre aims to encompass faculties of environment, biology, astronomy and human art of living, and will seek to serve as a guardian of native biotic and cultural resources.
From November 2 – 14 2009 ANF Director Ysbrand Brouwers and boardmember and filmmaker Hans Rademakers traveled with a group of artists to India to enjoy the wonders of Bandhavgarh and to celebrated the opening of our Artists for Nature Environmental Education centre and Eco Lodge with a number of marvellous wall paintings and a workshop with the schoolchildren from the nearby village Parasi.
The trip was a great success in a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and joy. Second artists trip in the last two weeks of March 2010