Last Release

Our latest releases are :-
(1)  Ambush in Bandhavgarh (Tigers and the Management of their habitats)
A new study resource on tigers and  management of  their habitats   is made  available  for ensuing the session  for teachers engaged in teaching  3rd standard on     HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment).  Ambush in Bandhavgarh is a 48 page book that give  details  about  the life of tigers as part of a fragile ecosystem, as well as a case study outlining the management of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve –the  area in India (Asia) where these beautiful animals are fighting extinction. The book  contents are most suitable  in the Stage 3 HSIE  studies . The  entire contents  of   the book Ambush in Bandhavgarh  have be  selected  & discussed  over  with  teachers of Asia Education Foundation (AEF), Australia  at par  with curriculum areas in Australian schools  and also for teacher education.  The team teachers of AEF,  Australia has been visiting the  Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve over a number of years  and recommended  publishing the subject book . It includes beautiful photographs  of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve from Vivek Sharma, a naturalist working in the area.

The book is  available to all schools  costs @  $77 (GST inclusive) in  a pack of 20 books.  The demand can be forwarded to us on our email:

(2)  Compilation  of our next publication  is in hand.