2009   The opening of our ANF Environmental Education Centre and Eco lodge Bandhavgarh India has been completed. Mr. Ysbrand Brouwers with the group of international Artist has visited in Nov 2009
The trip and workshops were a great success in a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and creativity.
Some quotes by famous UK artists after the November trip be free to use them!

Harriet Mead
“The EEC is a great base for the trip. With unrestricted access to the surrounding meadows and forest edge, it makes for fantastic birding and mammal experiences. The highlight for me was the bamboo forest, the meadows and the trip to the fort. The cliff at the fort where vultures swirl above, next to and below you was wonderful .My glimpse of a tigress and her almost full grown cub was a thrilling moment, it was just a shame that the majority of the inhabitants of the jeep were looking in the wrong direction……”
Robert Greenhalf
“India was an unforgettable experience. The forest pasture surrounding the ANF Lodge was so rich in bird life that it was difficult to decide what to look at first, and I never did work out what everything was. The park offered masses of deer, monkeys and other mammals, yet more birds including two species of hornbill and eye-level views of dozens of vultures, all in a stunning landscape”
Kim Atkinson
“Missing you all ever so much! Thank you for such a lovely trip, it was beautiful, and you gathered together a very special group of people. So good to spend time in the areas of the park where other jeeps seldom stray. The waterhole is a fantastic source of interest, close enough to watch with tea in hand. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel with good friends from the world over, as well as to meet new ones, European and Indian”
Mr.Ysbrand Brouwers will visit again with other international Artist group in March 2010.

2008  ANF GROUP of 7 participants  arrived in India  along with  Ysbrand Brouwers.  One of the participants of this team was the founder of ANF Holland.  This team reached Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and  observed past  project and the effect on ground.  They also studied the critical points and their remedial measures  to improve the natural environment which is needed for a healthy tiger  knowing  the secret fact that a tiger needs biologically fertile environment which absolutely imperative for Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to save this predator from extinction. 
2007 A Team comprising of Ysbrand Brouwers and Mr. Hans Rademakers the prominent wildlife film makers of the Netherlands flew to India   and arrived Delhi on 07 Feb 2007. The  aim of this  visit of Mr. Hans was  to make a film on Bandhavgarh wildlife including local people and school children  and  to give a wide publicity   through electronic media for information of general public  on critical points coming across  as hindrance in tiger protection programs  in  Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.
2006  WWF-NL has donated €15.000 to develop the Eco Lodge in Bandhavgarh, India .

2005 ANF Team  visited   Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and studied the necessity of getting Built the Eco-lodge especially to provide a shelter on the edge of the park t enable the   Artists, Photographers to make good use of their time even being in the lodge .  To evolve a proper shelter for conducting lecture on wildlife protection to the  children and villagers.

NEED OF VOLUNTEERS -Environmental Education Teacher

We are in need  of   Environmental Education Teacher-cum-Volunteers . Such volunteers would  deliver  lecture on  conservation of  wildlife and natural resources  to the school children and the Villagers including the  touring  trips etc.  Willing candidates  are to submit  their  volunteer ship  contact on our e-mail


We are in need of Admin Assistant on volunteer basis probably knowing computer operation.   His duties includes  to ensure smooth functioning of ANF FIELD OFFICE. He is also to teach  English to the school children  of the village  located around the Nations Park. For your interest and   volunteer ship contact  on our e-mail