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Why should you join ANF


Why should we ask for support?
ANF India deals with the issues of wildlife conservation in India. ANF  - Artists for Nature  Foundation  have to work in field  and  to undertake costly projects  relating to protect  wildlife habitats in Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserves located  in extreme remote  to establish  natural balance between the nature and human society.  This can be achieved only by collective efforts and with multiple activities of finance support   inland and overseas people. Therefore fund support and an integral point.

Where does the money come from?
ANF raises funds for its Projects and Conservation programs mainly through eco-tourism ANF trip, Educational trip and save tiger trip. A significant part of budget comes from ANF Netherlands.

Where does the money go?
ANF is a non-profit organization registered under Indian law. ANF invests most of its fund   in Project & conservation programs being undertaken at Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserves. Most of the amount of money is spent for helping the local residents for arranging Medical Camps, Educational support of books to school children, stationery, exhibitions etc.   Rest of the fund is utilized for Office organization set up, computer and preparation and printing of Publications on wildlife conservation. Recently a project is processing to set up an   ‘Open Sky’ environmental education Centre aiming to encompass globally  the faculties of environment, biology, astronomy and human art of living to serve as guardian to save the natural  resources. Its major aim is to impart knowledge on environment protection and to raise public awareness to inspire people opinion (villagers, School children, visitors)   towards need of nature conservation to save it for future generation of ours.     
How   does one help the ANF? 
We deeply welcome  any contributions you make to the cause of wildlife conservation by supporting its activities through donations of money or resources  such as  Project Equipments  -  projectors, slide screens, TV Monitors, VCRs, mobile power generators, computers and accessories, vehicles & Solar Cooker , Medical aid equipments , Mosquito nets  ,books, stationery items etc. Such equipments can be booked to our India based office with complete details of donors. We shall be legally bound to inform you back about specific use of your donated articles/equipments.

What are the other means of supporting the ANF?
Become a friend of Tiger Reserves by visiting it frequently
It is true that a teacher can only tell the world about his study of animal and it’s ecology; a politician can only encourage those in power about the importance of protecting habitats; a media manager can use the public communication systems maximum extent to get the story out; and a fund-raiser is to obtain the needed cash to run their scientific projects. However, it does not make any sense to study an animal, if one does not go to there in the wild land.  So Plan your wildlife conservation trip to India for visiting Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserves as individual or with your family members and friends etc. The Money spent by you for food, lodging, conveyance etc during your stay in these Parks will directly go for helping the local people. This would remove their dependency upon Tiger Reserves. Gradually, this would help in creating more and more visitor friends of the park (s) all over the world.  For further details refer Save Tiger Trips: or get your trip customized via repeated email on: or .

If you would like to support the 
ANF Environmental Education Project in India,
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